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LOVE CHILD by Palisa Anderson

The concept in progress is Australasian. To me this is an evolution of how we eat now.

The latest venture from the restaurateur-turned-farmer behind Chat Thai and Boon Luck Organics.

Palisa Anderson introduces Love Child, a ground-breaking Australasian dining experience.

To me this is an evolution of how we eat now. It is a cross pollination of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean pantry item flavours seasoning the best of Australian produce- seasonal fruit and vegetables, premium sustainable meats and seafood.

For the first time doing a pop-up we will be using induction woks here too. 

As we snap into space in the peak of Summer, BLF (Boon Luck Farm) will be sending down an array of produce to be showcased in dishes and cold bowl options. 

This culinary marvel blends the best of Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean flavours with Australia’s finest produce. As you explore the seasonal menu, experience the evolution of dining through induction woks sizzling with sustainable meats, seafood, and vegetables. Love Child is a celebration of harmonious cultural fusion.

Love Child pop-up

Open from 12pm until 8pm at George street Food Gallery, The Rocks until 1 February 2024.

14th December 2023
George street Food Gallery, The Rocks, NSW

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